Cub Badges

There are lots of badges you can earn while you are a Cub Scout. This page lists all of the badges and tells you how to earn them. If you want more detail on a badge, click on its’ picture and you will be taken to the correct page on the Scout Association website with full details on the badge.


This is the badge you receive when you are invested into the Cub Pack and make your promise. It shows everybody that you are a member of the Scout Association. If you received this badge when you were a Beaver, then you can continue to wear it on your Cub uniform, even before you are invested.

Membership Badge


You will receive a Joining In Award each year you are in the Beavers, Cubs or Scouts, so that everyone knows how long you have been a member of the Scout Group. When you receive a joning in award, don’t forget to remove the previous one.

Joining In Badge 1Joining In Badge 2Joining In Badge 3Joining In Badge 4Joining In Badge 5
Joining In Awards


If you came up from the Beaver Colony, then you will have received the Beaver to Cubs Moving On award. You can continue to wear this badge throughout your time at Cubs until you gain the next Moving On award.

Moving On Award
Beavers to Cubs
Moving On Award

The next award is presented to a Cub just as they are moving on to the Scout Troop to show they have learned what Scouts is all about. This will be the first badge you wear on your Scout uniform.

Moving On Award
Cubs to Scouts
Moving On Award


There are seven Challenge Awards for you to try. You will usually earn these by attending every week at Cubs and taking part in the extra activities. You will need to earn all seven of these before you can receive the top award called the Chief Scout’s Silver Award.

Our Adventure Challenge Award
Our Adventure
Our Outdoors Challenge Award
Our Outdoors
Our Skills Challenge Award
Our Skills
Our World Challenge Award
Our World
Personal Challenge Award
Team Leader Challenge Award
Team Leader
Teamwork Challenge Award


The Chief Scout’s Silver Award is the highest award available in the Cub Scout Section. It is gained by completing all seven of the Challenge Awards plus another six Activity Badges.

Chief Scout's Silver Award
Chief Scout’s Silver Award


But that’s not all! There are 50 Activity Badges that you can complete at any time while you are a Cub Scout. It is up to you to decide which Activity Badges you want to try so if you want to earn these badges, you should speak to your leader about what you have to do.

These cover everything you could possibly be interested in, from Adventure to World Faiths, Computers to Science and Music to Horse Riding. If you have a hobby, interest or favourite sport there is an Activity Badge that you can work hard for, gain and wear on your uniform with pride.

Activity Badges can be worked on by any Cub. They offer the opportunity for a Cub or group of Cubs to take a particular interest or skill to a higher level. The detailed requirements of all the badges are on the Scout Association website; just click on the badge’s picture to be taken there.

Sometimes, badge courses are organised for the pack for a particular badge. The courses may be run over several evenings or at a special weekend event. And finally, badges just sometimes happen. Cubsgain bits and pieces towards a particular badge by camping and taking part in activities, so it doesn’t seem like work at all! Cubs may work on badges at home but please talk to the Cub Leader before they start.

In order to receive the top award, the Chief Scout’s Silver Award, you must earn at least six Activity Badges.

Many of the Activity Badges are individual badges just for the Cub section.

Animal Carer Activity Badge
Animal Carer
Artist Activity Badge
Astronomer Activity Badge
Athletics Activity Badge
Athletics Plus Activity Badge
Athletics Plus
Backwoods Cooking Activity Badge
Backwoods Cooking
Book Reader Activity Badge
Book Reader
Chef Activity Badge
Collector Activity Badge
Communicator Activity Badge
Cyclist Activity Badge
DIY Activity Badge
Disability Awareness Activity Badge
Disability Awareness
Entertainer Activity Badge
Environmental Conservation Activity Badge
Environmental Conservation
Equestrian Activity Badge
Fire Safety Activity Badge
Fire Safety
Global Issues Activity Badge
Global Issues
Hobbies Activity Badge
Home Help Activity Badge
Home Help
Home Safety Activity Badge
Home Safety
International Activity Badge
Local Knowledge Activity Badge
Local Knowledge
Martial Arts Activity Badge
Martial Arts
My Faith Activity Badge
My Faith
Naturalist Activity Badge
Personal Safety Activity Badge
Personal Safety
Photographer Activity Badge
Physical Recreation Activity Badge
Physical Recreation
Pioneer Activity Badge
Road Safety Activity Badge
Road Safety
Scientist Activity Badge
Skater Activity Badge
Sports Enthusiast Activity Badge
Sports Enthusiast
Water Activities Activity Badge
Water Activities
World Faiths Activity Badge
World Faiths

And some are staged so that you can earn higher levels as you improve. These badges are the same within Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.

Air Activities Staged Activity Badge
Air Activities
Community Impact Staged Activity Badge
Community Impact
Digital Citizen Stage Activity Badge
Digital Citizen
Digital Maker Staged Activity Badge
Digital Maker
Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge
Emergency Aid
Hikes Away Staged Activity Badge
Hikes Away
Musician Staged Activity Badge
Nautical Skills Staged Activity Badge
Nautical Skills
Navigator Staged Activity Badge
Nights Away Staged Activity Badge
Nights Away
Paddle Sports Staged Activity Badge
Paddle Sports
Sailing Staged Activity Badge
Swimmer Staged Activity Badge
Time on the Water Staged Activity Badge
Time on the Water

In addition, if you develop your skills even further after you have gained an Activity Badge then you can also gain an additional award, the Activity Plus, for any Activity Badge.

Activity Plus Badge
Activity Plus

The cubs take part in many activities that work towards badges – when they are awarded one, please sew it onto the uniform in the position outlined below.

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More information about the badge scheme can be found on the website.